Thursday, August 16, 2012

Butterfly Bows and Firsts

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It's been especially difficult to blog lately. I wear a uniform every day and there is literally no light as I'm leaving my house and it's usually raining as I'm getting home at 5:00 every day. I'm going to have to suck it up an take outfit photos in my room by this terrible lighting. So I'll have crappy pictures and I'm sorry for that. This is actually my work shirt in a very obnoxious blue as well as the wrinkliest itchiest non-breathable material in existence). I am wearing my favorite headband though; and that's something to be happy about! I love the pattern because it's the same as the edge of a monarch butterfly's wing. It also kind of resembles leopard, but it's obviously not.

I'm going to a new school come Tuesday. It's much bigger and pretty intimidating, to be honest. I know I'll get lost finding my classes, parking my car, and pretty much just existing there. I'm going to admit that I'm afraid of this newness- the largeness of it. I know with time it will get better, but right now it feels like the biggest place in the world. Luckily, I should be done in about a year if everything goes according to plan, which it hardly ever does. So I'll say a year and a half- hopefully. 

I'm also starting a new diet/exercise regimen on Monday. Perhaps you have heard of Insanity? I'll probably keep better track of that through my tumblr just because I don't want this blog to turn into a fitness blog. I'm petrified of that too. I've always started it but never finished because it's honestly just ridiculously hard. I really have to get going though because Mark's brother is getting married late October and that gives me JUST enough time to finish the program and hopefully not be so flabby and amorphous. 

I wonder why new things are always so scary to us. It's not like any of what I'm about to do is going to have any sort of negative impact on my life or anything. So why is it so frightening?