Friday, May 4, 2012

She Could Be a Pharmer In Those Clothes

Hi!! I'm Hannah and I write the blog she could be a pharmer in those clothes.

First things first: yes, I know my blog weird and long. When I decided to start a blog I just couldn't think of anything that felt "me." I wanted something that incorporated fashion and style, but was a bit more creative then just "science & style" or something along those lines. The "pharmer" bit comes from pharmacology, which is what I'm getting my PhD in, and the quote "she could be a farmer in those clothes" is from the movie Clueless (a million bonus points to anyone who stumbles upon a youtube clip or gif of that line, fyi). The wordplay was too good to resist. What can I say, I'm a sucker for a good (bad) pun.

I started my blog just about a year ago. Being in grad school, I'm in this weird transitional phase in my life. Honestly, my lab is fairly casual and I could get by wearing my old college uniform of sweatpants and thrifted t-shirts. But on the other hand, I would hope that I'm more of an adult than I back when I was in college, and wouldn't it be nice if my outsides reflected my insides? So I decided to start a blog to motivate myself to dress a little more like a real person. Plus, I've always been a fan of blogging/journaling (and it was nice to see that Jacqueline is also a livejournal alum!) so starting a blog seemed like a natural decision.

My blog is mostly OOTD posts and science posts. I love science. To be frank, it is probably my defining characteristic: science nerd. Thinking about how we are made up of all these microscopic cells, which are made of even smaller molecules, made up of tiny subatomic just makes my brain spasm and my heart flutter. How can you not want to know how all that mystery inside us works? Being in graduate school I am exposed to lots of science (obviously), but I really enjoy writing science posts for my blog because it's a different kind of science. Less of "science is a cruel, demanding mistress who kicks my ass all day" and more of "oh shit that's awesome!" It's a good way to remind myself why I'm putting up with all these headaches.

Thanks to Jacqueline for letting me guest post and be introduced to all of you!


  1. Nice to meet ya! You have such cute style. That is awesome you are getting a degree in pharmacology. I was torn between that and graphic design - I know, two different worlds, but design won out in the end. Science is really interesting. I am headed to your blog now :]

    1. Thanks! Pharmacology or graphic design- very different indeed!!