Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Le Sigh

That awkward moment when you're determined to blog every day during your break, and you wear an outfit you feel great about, but it rains all day and the sky is impossibly gray...

I would like to make some demands of the sky! I demand sunshine tomorrow! Not a whole lot, just enough to take my tripod out and snap a few nice pictures and be done with it. That's all! No big deal. Ugh.

I really liked my outfit today though. Maybe if it's sunny tomorrow I'll post two. The one from today and one for tomorrow. Ooh la la...



  1. I know how you feel! It has been raining non-stop where I am!

    Sita xx

  2. :] I hope the sun starts shining for ya! The sun popped out yesterday afternoon for a few hours here and it was so nice to see it again - it's gray again today.