Thursday, January 26, 2012

Very Silly Factual Poem

nautical stripes, blue and white outfit, striped shirt

inpink earrings, nautical stripes, blue and white outfit, striped shirt

nautical stripes, bracelet, ring connects to bracelet, connecting bracelet, blue and white outfit, striped shirt

Three years old and in the park, I used to chase ducks,
I wanted to keep one, but they'd always run amuck
They'd run to the left, in a circle; to the right, in a square
They'd run towards the water thinking I'd stop there,
My father always snatched me up before I could fall in.
You see, I hadn't realized I knew not how to swim.

Outfit Details:
Top: Micheal Kors
Skirt: Gap
Bracelet: Gift from Mom
Earrings: INPINK (Got them with the gift card I won from Teika's giveaway! First time I've ever won anything so I'm excited haha)


  1. That poem was so sweet :] I think all little kids wanted to catch a duck/ chase them. I really like this outfit. The striped top looks great on you and it looks really nice paired with that skirt.

  2. cute!!!

  3. Ohh, your striped sweater looks so gorgeous and Parisian! <3 And I love visiting duck friends too! So much fun!

    Lost in the Haze: Fashion Blog

  4. Very classy outfit! And such special jewelry too:)

    Also, Melon-Heart? That sounds awesome!

  5. You are adorable! I love the skirt and the bracelet!