Monday, January 16, 2012

Khussa Slippers

You don't know this about me, but I love observing the style of different countries/nations in different time periods. I go through these silly phases where I only want to cook Japanese food and I want to wear my makeup similar to the looks in Memoirs of a Geisha (minus the white base of course). I'll take little subtle things and try to work them into my world. Currently, my obsession is with khussa slippers. These slippers are produced in India and Pakistan. They are all handcrafted, and come in the most beautiful colors I've ever seen. I went on this wild search for my own pair of these lovely slippers. I bought the grey ones at the end, but now I'm in love with the maroon ones. Oh what to do! You can find these slippers on eBay, or you can find them here or here

There are so many beautiful customs and traditions in other countries. I wish we were taught these things in school. I know I can take a class if I want to, but college isn't cheap and these are things I feel are worth learning. I'd love to be able to be polite in any country I visit, and to be familiar with their fashion. Maybe these are just things I'm into and no one else here really cares. Even so, I am afflicted with wanderlust and I am just itching to go somewhere far away and exotic. Somewhere beautiful where I can learn about people who are different from me. 


  1. These are really beautiful! I love the dark purples ones!

  2. oohhh, pretty shinies! the pink ones remind me of some sort of bejeweled ballet slipper :)