Saturday, January 7, 2012


Because you always need one awkward picture of me not paying attention.

I got a haircut today! Went to the salon with my mom. (We have matching bags and shoes and we both wore them today haha) It was a nice mother-daughter sort of day. We did some dirty work this morning (cleaned the whole house!), and we had been looking forward to this hair appointment for weeks! After a nice shower, we rushed over and this was the result. My mom looked great (as usual). She has perfect hair. I didn't luck out and get her thick gorgeous locks. I ended up with my dad's super fine curly hair, but I'd say it looks pretty decent now that I've got some layers and a fringe! After our fancy hair appointment, we had to return to reality and get all the grocery shopping done. So, essentially we got all dressed up and got our hair did so the people at the super market could enjoy it haha. It was still a great day, but now I'm a bit tired and the ice cream sandwiches we bought are calling my name! 

Outfit Details:
Top: Odille via Anthropologie
Pants: Pilcro via Anthropologie
Shoes: Chloe
Bag: Louis Vuitton


  1. your hair looks nice!! the background of wherever you are standing looks nice too!! also, are you planning on getting yourself a button/badge for your blog that people can post on theirs? (eg- like you have scathingly brilliant & delightfully tacky?)

  2. Really interesting background! I love your top, and your hair is super cute :)

  3. @JacquelineI've been thinking about it a lot, but I have to figure out how to make one! Thanks Jacqueline :]

  4. @Jacqueline, melon-heart

    I goggled it and found a simple tutorial, anyway, once you get one. let me know :)

  5. that shirt is way awesome, girl! and i love the yellow/ orange combo with the shoes and jeans :)

  6. Love this outfit and your haircut looks so cute!

  7. Your hair looks lovely! And the color of those pants totally rock!