Monday, January 2, 2012

Guest Post from Samantha of Le'Love

Today I've set up a guest post swap with Samantha of Le'Love. She has a beautiful blog you definitely want to visit! Today she's going to tell us about Australian fashion and we're going to learn about some great Aussie designers! Here's what she has to say:

Ten Australian and New Zealand Labels you Need to Know About.

People outside of Australia tend to think that us Aussies get around in bikinis with bleach blonde hair and a tan. Misconceptions are rampant. In fact, I am betting that most Australians think that those in New Zealand only wear woolen clothes, but I am also betting we are dead wrong.

I can’t describe with any accuracy what the essence of Australian style is, so I’ll let these 10 labels from Australia and our cousin, New Zealand, speak for me. From street to catwalk these labels sure are rockin’. By no means is this list definitive but each of them have a place in my dream wardrobe.

1. Gorman
The queens of quirk, Gorman is a Melbourne based brand focused on the fun and whimsical. Quality products that are never ever dull.

2. Lover
Romance and loveliness filled with draping and frills, Lover captures hearts with its lace and lullabies. Expect soft silhouettes and clean lines filled with romantic textures.

This NZ based label is the perfect antidote to an over tanned Australian summer with its all round loveliness. Ladylike and prim with a cool edge, Hogans clothes are relaxed without looking unkempt.

Planning a coastal road trip through tiny towns with empty beaches and rolling dunes? Sanoii + Six, the Newcastle duo, have got you covered. With peter pan collars galore and a sense that the world hasn’t changed all that much, wear these handmade beauties and I am sure life will seem much simpler.

5. Jesen
Something for all the well dressed fellas out there. Melbourne brand Jesen have that super cool Australian Summer feel to their clothes with a rocker edge.

Another stellar Melbourne label, Her Pony takes sweet and simple to the max. You won’t find many frills here and it is the simple lines that are so appealing. Perfect for picnics or perhaps some horse riding.

The most wallet friendly on this list and probably one of my favourites (shhh). Mink Pink offer the kinds of excellent fashion meant only for music festivals, hanging backstage with the band, and, ahem ‘Drinkin with my bitches’ (their words exactly). You might end up with a headache the next day but gee you will look pretty.

8. Hyde
Hyde are makers of gorgeous bags meant for wandering the desert in a dream state. The rustic textures of their current collection make my heart skip a beat.

9. Willow
These last two labels are super special. Willow, from the lovely Kit Willow, had a show at the 2005 Mercedes Fashion Week in Sydney, at which I was lucky enough to be working. I was a dresser for Kit’s show and I have to say that the clothes were exquisitely made. I spent 2 hours with Kit helping her scratch up the bottom of YSL heels and boots (oh the horror!) so that the models wouldn’t slip. She was so nice and makes the nicest clothes.

I was also lucky enough to be involved in Kate Sylvester’s 2005 show as a dresser and backstage helper. The model I worked with was the now crazy famous, Mirander Kerr. Sylvester is another of our NZ friends whose designs are delicate and charming, referencing old time undergarments and a relaxed summer life.

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