Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Beauty and the Beast Library Scene

belle green dress
Went to see Beauty and the Beast in 3D with my mom today! I never ever get to go to the movies with my mom, so for us it was a big deal. I knew since the commercials started airing that I wanted to wear this green dress because it reminds me of the scene where Beast gives Belle the castle library. This was always my favorite of Belle's dresses when I was younger. It captivated me. I can't even begin to express how much of a Disney fan I am. I was running around the house this morning like a little kid on Christmas morning because I knew I was going to be watching this movie at 2:00 in the afternoon! In retrospect, I feel incredibly foolish, but at the moment all the running, jumping and squealing was sweet release!
belle green dress
belle green dress
belle green dress

Outfit Details: 
Dress: Gifted
Belt: Anthropologie
Shoes: Coach
Bag: Thrifted Louis Vuitton

P.S. I love wearing this bag so much, simply because of the amazing price I snagged it for! I got it at a Goodwill in Texas when I visited my aunt in 2009 for $25! I thought, perhaps it's a fake; but it was so real! The handle color faded just right, the leather was rich, the hardware was heavy, and the stitching was bright yellow. If it was a fake, it was surely convincing! Turns out, it's real! I was so excited when I found out! Just goes to show, you never know what you can find in a thrift store ;]


  1. I need to get to that movie!! I love that you dressed up in your favorite belle inspired outfit :] I can not believe you bought a Louis Vuitton bag for only $25, wow!

    1. Neither could I at the time! haha I felt like I was stealing from Goodwill!

  2. Ooh! That dress is lovely! My favorite Disney movie was always Robin Hood. LOL. A litle odd for a small girl's favorite movie, but I just loved it! <3