Saturday, December 17, 2011

Those Beautiful Things That Keep Us Here

I'm in love with these whimsical prints by Paola Zakimi. They seem like they would go well in a child's room especially (or any room really). There is something soft and even romantic about these. The color palette is relaxing. The first print especially makes me think of soft summer breezes and picnics by the beach. It's something I would put up in my own home to remind me of my childhood. In fact, if the girl in the boat had short brown curls, she might be me! I was always trying to touch the water whenever I was in the boat with my dad as a kid. I remember a time when there were dolphins jumping out of the water by our boat and me being so excited. I wanted to hop in with them! (Probably not the best idea when you're three feet tall and you're in the open ocean! haha)

Anyway, you can find these prints in Holli, Paola's etsy shop. I really hope you liked them as much as I do. Is there anything you'd like to see in particular on my blog? More nail tutorials? Other artists? Please let me know :]


  1. so beautiful!! Thanks for sharing..I am inspired to get something similar for my pre-schooler's room!

  2. love so much these pictures!!