Monday, December 12, 2011

So much has happened!

In just a few short days I feel like I'm going absolutely BONKERS! I've had these massive gift basket orders from people my mom works with. These people must really love these cookies. I've made 1 batch of oatmeal, 1 batch of my pecan fruitcake cookies (which are basically oatmeal but instead of raisins, I add cherries, blueberries, raisins, prunes, cranberries, and a variety of other tarter fruit and a touch of orange zest to an otherwise overly sweet oatmeal cookie recipe. They're awesome, I promise!), I also made 2 batches of pecan snowdrop cookies, 3 batches of Guava butter+jam thumbprints, and 2 batches of snickerdoodles! My kitchen has been a mess for the past few weeks and on top of allll this baking, I also have finals! Let's not even begin to talk about holiday shopping please. With cookie money coming in slowly as people wont pay until the basket is ready and most people want things right before Christmas, I'm going to be having a bit of a meltdown when I actually get to start shopping. Oof. I'm so very very tired right now haha. Please forgive me for not being here as often as I should. I've missed blogging so much, but you must understand how busy I've been don't you? I haven't exactly been very interesting with my wardrobe choices lately, so forgive the lack of outfit pictures. Though I have taken quite a few of the cookies haha. I'll be back tomorrow I swear it!

Guava filled butter+jam thumbprints

Pecan snowdrops! They kind of fall apart in your mouth and it reminds me of snow melting for some reason. Mark loves these!
Chanel's Rose Insolent is the most perfect pink I've ever worn.

New modcloth rings. These were part of my Cyber Monday haul. From left to right, the Fawn Never Stops Ring and the Wing Finger Ring 


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