Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A Guide to Perfume!

Coco Chanel once said that a woman who does not wear perfume has no future. I wouldn't say she has no future, but I'd definitely say she's missing out on yet another way of expressing herself in a very personal way. I feel that fragrance can communicate so much without having to say anything. It's been strongly linked to jogging a person's memory, it can be therapeutic, or even turn a cute someone's head from across a room ;].

Whether you have a signature scent, a rotating schedule, or just switch it up depending on how you feel, just be sure to wear something that you feel beautiful in. (Please don't bathe in it though!)

Here are a few perfume facts that should help you out next time you're in the market for a new scent:
  • Don't try out more than three at a time. 
Your poor nose won't be able to tell the difference! Sometimes you may see little vials with coffee beans in them. Take a whiff of those. It's supposed to neutralize what you've been smelling and the next time you sniff, you'll be able to differentiate the notes much better. Also, there's a lot of alcohol in perfume, so when trying it out, don't sniff right away. Let it dry a little bit so you don't inhale a nose-full of alcohol (not a pleasant smell at all!)
  • What are perfume "notes"? 
Notes are the different scents/flavors the perfume contains. There are three of them. A top, a middle, and a base note. The top note has the smallest molecules and thus will evaporate the fastest, but be the first thing you smell. The middle note evaporates more slowly, and you'll probably smell this for some time; and of course the base note will be the last to go. They call them notes simply because it's a metaphor for music. The same way you have different parts of a song, there are different parts of a particular scent.
  • Where should you apply perfume?
Your scents will last much longer if you put them on your neck, wrists, in the crook of your elbows, behind your knees, even at your ankles! These are said to be special points in the body where more oil is produced, which makes your scent last longer. Also, putting a bit of unscented lotion over your perfume helps it last longer.
  • Does perfume expire?
Sadly, yes perfume does expire. The chemistry of your precious liquid changes due to oxidation and alters the scent. That's what causes that weird "old lady" smell! It's best to toss them after about a year.
  • What's the difference between "eau de toilette" and "eau de parfum"
Eau de toilette just has a lower concentration of the fragrance oils and a higher concentration of alcohol. This means it will evaporate faster and it's usually cheaper than eau de parfum as it's more dilute.
Eau de parfum, on the other hand, has a higher concentration of the fragrance oils and less alcohol. It lasts longer, and is of course more expensive. 
  • Perfume only makes a great gift if you know the person loves it!
Don't give someone anything scented at all unless you're positive they love it. It's a very personal thing. You yourself wouldn't buy a scent online just because you like the description would you (you shouldn't!)?


  1. What an awesome post! I love perfume. It puts me in a great mood (or in a cute or sexy mood depending on the scent!) haha cute blog, missy!

    xo, Samantha

  2. great post! i love perfume but it's one of those things that i always skip over when shopping. i've yet to find my signature scent, but this post helps! :)