Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Cozy Slippers and a Cup of Advice

I know it's been almost a week since my last post. I've been swamped with organic chemistry and microbiology :[ There is also something very exciting on the horizon! I'm not allowed to tell anyone what it is or even give any hints; but suffice it to say that this opportunity could radically change my life!

On another note, these new slippers from Anthropologie are absolutely dreamy. These are on my Christmas list as of right now! I'm leaning towards those sweet yellow ones, but it's so hard to decide. Why does everything in this store have to be so beautiful (and expensive)?

These are sure to keep your piggies warm through the cold winter months 

I think what really has me sold on these is the quality. If I find something I think is beautiful, but it looks cheap or like it will fall apart, I won't buy it. Even fake jewelry is something to be careful with. I'm no millionaire, so I can't buy tons of gold and diamonds, but I do try to avoid metals that I know will smell bad. Seriously, sniff your fakes before you buy them. Sometimes a little listerine bath will fix it, but not always. After a while, your skin will start to smell like that and whatever money you've invested in perfume is out the window. 

A good example of low quality clothing is Forever 21. Sorry ladies, this store has nothing but ill fitting crap that falls apart after a few washes. I know people who dry clean this stuff so it'll last longer. It's smarter to save your pennies and buy something that will last forever or at least a few years! I'm not saying don't shop there! I just think that store is best for trying out new trends and such. A while ago sequins were everywhere and all the girls wanted to bedazzle their butts, but these trends fade. It wouldn't be smart to buy a $2,000 sequined purse, but if you find something similar at Forever 21 for $14.95, you can still be a part of this trend (whatever it happens to be at the moment) without being irresponsible. Siriusly (haha Harry Potter reference :p), even if i was a billionaire I wouldn't buy very trendy things at a high price. If you're going to toss it, don't invest. If it's classic, timeless, and you can get a lot out of it, I say SPEND (within your means please)! 


  1. forever 21 does have low quality stuff, doesn't it? I think you should go for the yellow ones, altho all four pairs are rather cute. I hope your study is going well, and i loved the harry potter reference ^^

  2. @Jacqueline
    Yes, it most certainly does. Hah! Harry Potter references are the best ;] Idk if you're on pottermore, but I happen to be a proud Hufflepuff!

  3. I completely agree with you on investing in pieces but spending less on "trendy" pieces. Unfortunately, my mom still buys my clothes. Haha, but as soon as I get a job and start paying for my own stuff I am doing this! I am in love with the first two pairs!

    <3 Chelsea Elizabeth

  4. @Chelsea Elizabeth.
    I know allll about that "mom buys my clothes" thing. my mom bought my clothes until I was 15! It can definitely be difficult haha, but the sense of freedom when you're finally getting what you want is exhilarating :]

  5. These are so cute. I know what you mean, I try to save a bit and then buy something one step up. x hivenn

  6. love your blog!
    hope you'll visit mine. :) xx

  7. oh my gosh, these slippers are SO incredibly adorable. I'm absolutely smitten with the floral pair -SO cute!! And yes agreed the quality also looks really fantastic. Hope your weekend is lovely!! xo veronika

  8. @GIRL AND CLOSET Thanks Veronika! hope you have a lovely weekend as well :]