Monday, November 14, 2011

My Own Secret Ceremonials

Yes, my hair is straight. No this will not be a regular occurrence. 
It's still summer here, but with the loveliest breeze. Of course, I'm wearing shorts underneath this skirt to avoid exposing my lady bits. I love combining unexpected patterns like this seersucker skirt and the bright pink shirt that has what I believe to be cherry blossom petals on it. It's the most flattering t-shirt type shirt I have. I remember buying it many years ago with Yvy at Urban Outfitters on a Black Friday very early in the morning. It was both my first and probably my last Black Friday experience. I hate the stress and the lines of it all. Most of the time the deals aren't even that great. I'd much rather shop online. If I hate it, I send it back and it's okay because I got it on sale anyway, right? 

On a totally different note, i've had Florence + the Machine's Ceremonials album on REPEAT. I still love Lungs the most, but Ceremonials is pretty awesome as well. I mean it's Florence Welch. She is my goddess-sharing a spot only with JK Rowling. Always the English, those genius people! It's almost unfair. They're extremely polite, intelligent, the boys are attractive as hell (and even if they're not- that accent! /swoon) And just look at all the amazing artists from there. Can I please be an honorary British person?

Outfit Details: 
Top: Urban Outfitters
Skirt: American Eagle via Marshalls
Flats: Coach
Watch: Michael Kors


  1. you look very cute ^^. florence + the machine are great, i haven't downloaded their new album yet but might go do it right now. ^^

  2. @Jacqueline
    my favorite right now is "no light, no light" :]