Thursday, October 20, 2011

Stars and Butterflies

Mark indulged me with a trip to the butterfly garden not too long ago and I've had a thing for butterflies ever since. I mean, what girl doesn't right? But I've reached another level of butterfly love. I don't like very obvious things like butterfly clips for you hair or other such lame objects, nor do I have any desire to prance around the house in a leotard and fairy wings, but these things are just subtle enough to ease my butterfly fever without looking like a wild toddler.  

On Gossamer Wings Posts

Monarch Wing Headband

See how there's just the pattern of a monarch butterfly's wings on the fabric? I love it. My mom actually got me this headband for my birthday and it's the most comfortable headband I own. Also, the bow itself has little wires inside that make it stay whichever way you position it. It'll stay flat if you want it flat or even stand up.

I feel like these add just a little bit of whimsy to your outfits. Even if it's something most other people won't notice. The fact that you know it's there makes you feel  special. I think it's like underwear. No one really sees it other than you, but if you're wearing your favorite undies you just feel sexier, no? It's a silent something that keeps everyone around you guessing, wondering, wishing they knew what your secret was.
I feel like I've gone on enough of a tangent. I will shower you with more butterfly garden photos! 


  1. Such fabulous photos! They make this all the more a beautiful blog! Good job fellow fashionista! :)

  2. Beautiful pics! Love butterflies ;)


  3. These pics are STUNNING! Love all of the vibrant colors and those flowers are gorgeous!
    Happy Friday babe!
    Big kiss,
    Beckerman sistas

  4. Thanks so much you guys :] checking out your blogs right now!

  5. love this blog. check out mine!