Friday, October 28, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

Today I visited my very first pumpkin patch with Mark. It was such a sweet little spot with lots of children picking out the biggest pumpkins they could find. I was after a baking pumpkin. I found what seems to be an amazing recipe (It's Bobby Flay, so it definitely is) for pumpkin pie. As his recipes usually go, it's traditional with a twist! It's here if your'e interested!
Anyway, I have had this skirt for a very very long time, and I always though I didn't have a top that goes well with it. It has so many colors: mustards, beige, brown, deep purples, gray blues- all in a beautiful mendhi-esque pattern. The pattern and colors is what most attracted it to me when I first saw it. I've waited over 5 years to find something to go perfectly with it and it turns out I had it all along. Just a simple brown spaghetti strap top from American Eagle. I got it when I was about fifteen! I layered it a little because I honestly can't stand spaghetti straps. I know I have a post earlier with the onsie where I'm wearing spaghetti straps, but I swear it was only because that romper has that adorable bow detail and any cardigan I wear would just cover it up! I can't do that, right? Right!

Outfit details: 
top: American Eagle Outfitters
Cardigan- Banana Republic
Belt-Urban Outfitters
Shoes- DSW

Here's some beautiful mendhi for you!

 I googled the last two images!


  1. gorgeous! that top definitely matches that skirt.^^ awesome pumpkins too!

  2. That place is amazing, I love it. I wish we had that here too :).
    You look so cute.

    Have a sweet weekend.

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  3. This pumpkin patch makes the perfect autumn backdrop.
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