Sunday, October 9, 2011

I'd like to introduce myself...

I realize the first picture you see of me isn't exactly a very stylish picture, but forgive me while I try to get the hang of this. I had every intention of getting up early and composing a cute outfit and taking formidable pictures for you. However, my parents it seems, had other plans.  Although I am 23 years old, I still live at home and as such I still have to pretty much do what they say. As we say farewell to summer (sort of- it is Miami after all), we must also say farewell to our vacation home in Key Largo. So, today was "moving day" and I ended up wearing a more functional outfit that wasn't really worthy of documenting. But since I did ask Rebecca of The Clothes Horse for her help starting this blog and her advice to me was to "just start", I figured why not? I'll just start with something silly! My mother did a lot to accessorize that house and what I'm carrying is basically a decorative bowl of plastic lemons. It was also very hot and my hair went from being down to being tucked into my head band/scarf whichever way it would stay up. Overall, it was a very busy day that started very sunny and then became rather stormy and blustery on the way home. 


  1. really like the bottom image, very artistic

    Much Love ♡

    Jess †

  2. Thanks jess. I used the hipstamatic app on my iphone for it. I find it gives images a very soft, vintage watercolor sort of effect.