Monday, October 10, 2011

Eternal Summer

Was that a breeze? Nope.
I've always envied the autumns of other states. The colorful leaves, the chill, the beauty of it all. Generally, any feeling of change would be nice. Where I live, there is no change. There is only summer- and a winter that I assume must feel like a spring someplace where it snows. I would love to own lots of unique sweaters, classic coats, and even a lovely pair of gloves. This is all very nice in theory, but I've been to New York in December. I know I'm not built for the cold. I'm more of a Hawaiian shirt Santa kind of girl. Light up flamingos are great too. Although, it's still October and I'm getting way ahead of myself; but time does fly so am I really thinking that far into the future? I don't normally celebrate Halloween- not for any religious reasons, I've just never been a fan of the costumes girls wear. It's basically a holiday where girls dress like streetwalkers. Not my cup of tea. I was a hamburglar about 5 years ago. Maybe this year I'll be a Planeteer (Captain Planet! He's our hero...)
Here I am, doing something silly.
Giant (almost) empty golden flower pot